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Our Teachers

Paul Yeager, the founder and head teacher of Yeager Educational Services, offers programming, beginning game design, and archery classes.


Programming and game design classes are available through charter vendors for homeschooled students and offered as extracurricular activities for students in mainstream schools. 

Yeager founded this business to spread his interest and love for both archery and programming to the younger generations, preparing a group of students for going into that specific career. 


For the past six years, Yeager has provided this service to many students, two of which have gone into either programming or game design through universities such as CSU, Chico. 


With over 20 years of experience in software development, working for places such as PWC, March First, IBM, and others, Yeager uses every aspect of his knowledge of programming to help students learn the skills needed to start programming NOW.


He is also certified through Maya Archery to not only teach but to also facilitate tournaments, Yeager helped put on a national competition for the past two years. 


Through his passion for programming, game design, and archery, Yeager wants to raise trained programmers for the future of the industry and teach a fun, useful sport to young people which gets students out of the house and into nature. 


“Giving students the ability to build their own software programs is to invest in the future of our growing society,” said Yeager on his programming classes. “Our society is run by technology. That’s where the new job market is headed.” 

Paul Yeager
  • Over  7 years of experience using Unity

  • Has been teaching for more than 8 years

  • Homeschool Parent


Hannah Denney is a recent Chico State graduate with a Bachelors in Journalism and a minor in Creative Writing. She has been writing for places like the award-winning newspaper The Orion, Investigative reporting magazine ChicoSol, and a Campus Ministry magazine called Campus Ministry Today.

She has been teaching writing since January 2015 and has been tutoring/ editing essays since August 2016. All throughout college, Hannah worked for an organization called Upward Bound as an English tutor. She also taught scriptwriting and video production and editing through their summer program for graduating seniors. 


All of the workbooks and curriculum for the workshops through Yeager Educational Services, were written by Hannah with the objective of growing acceptance and love for writing. Writing is usually seen as a daunting task for students of all ages when in reality it is something that, when broken down, can be easily overcome and achieved. 

Through teaching for Yeager Educational Services, Hannah hopes to grow students' skills, love, and desire to write in order to not only teach them how to write but help them learn to enjoy the process as well!

Hannah Denney
  • Over 6 years of writing experience

  • Has been teaching for more than 5 years

  • Teacher and Creator of Writing Basics

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